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flatline4life4 karma

Damn. That's some seriously impressive achievements right there, totally in awe of your accomplishments. As someone born in the UK I'd like to express my gratitude for people such as yourself who choose to fight and risk your lives on our behalf.

Has things got better for Gurkhas leaving the Army? It wasn't long ago I seem to remember ex-servicemen having no right to stay in the UK. Do you feel welcome here and consider yourself British after leaving the army? Do you receive adequate support from the MOD and British government? I bloody hope the answer is yes but if it isn't, what work still needs to be done and how can we help?

flatline4life2 karma

Thanks for answering. It always disappoints me how our troops are often left on their own after sacrificing so much.

I'd love to make a donation. Which charity makes the biggest difference for those of you who have suffered serious injuries in combat?