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On this topic - are pay-to-play or wait-to-play (often phone games) the bigger drivers of gaming addiction now?

I mean, on gaming companies not caring about you, once you've bought a one-off-payment game, they've got their money and while they probably don't care if you're playing it too much, they also probably don't care if you don't play it much. If someone develops a conscience they might add a MGS-style "you've been playing too long" sort of mechanic.

But that is actively against the money-making opportunities of pay-to-play etc. Do you see more addiction to these games? Can we have another reason to hate them (on top of a common gambling-style, the more you put in, the more you get out nature of these games)?

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What do you think of trumps trumpeting of medication you need?

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In the spirit of australian broadband, I have arrived here late to deliver my question now that you're well beyond answering them. I'd like lots of money built into an extended contract before I do though please?

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did any of it come from foreign sources? strong evidence?

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I'm an end user, working in PC2 in Australia. There are restrictions on how we can dispose of our waste - most of us WANT to recycle/sort waste, but are forced to put EVERYTHING into biohazard disposal, which means a lot of needless incineration. The idea being they can't guarantee the waste is biohazard free from within a PC2 (or higher) facility (we can - we're not stupid).

So a few things:

1) do you feel any power to make change on the institutions you work with (ie addressing your environmental responsibility, and how that also relies on us being responsible)?

2) could this pressure extend to governments

3) It being unlikely to change, have you considered packaging that, rather than being safer to manufacture/is biodegradable, is instead aimed to burn cleanly?

4) Could I please get a price and delivery quote on the following items............