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Do you think Epstein was a spy? - Mossad, CIA or otherwise?

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First, congratulations on inspiring generations of people to think outside of the square and take solace in comedy. I'd be curious to know what your relationship was like with Sergio Aragones, his personality from a personal standpoint. Also, given how influential MAD was in the 80's/90's whether you feel it can evolve to similar heights of ubiquity and if so, what it would take to get there. What kind of art do you think is necessary in the future we are walking into?

Thanks in advance and for inspiring me to lean into art and comedy my entire life. I successfully made a life of it and you, Sergio Aragones, Sam Keith and David Shrigley helped get me there through your collective unapologetic expression of breaking the rules and finding comfort in the absurd. Thank you.

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Can't thank you enough for replying so thoughtfully Tom. What you mentioned about Sergio, makes a lot of sense. I used to watch him draw in videos and the speed was just bewildering. A beast of the highest aptitude it seems.

I'm so grateful to have met some of my art heroes. Sam Keith and Kim Jung Gi, I have let them know how much they helped me early on in my journey and now I'd like to think I can add you to that list. Your ability to bring joy through illustration is unparalleled in my opinion. I went on to become a character animator for feature films, a 10 year career that seeded the best of friends and gave me purpose.

Thanks again and excited for your new projects. Those memories of picking up a new MAD magazine as a kid have now been crystallized. Appreciate you making them possible.

I know you're gonna get a slew of caricature requests but I just had to get one in there. Don't feel obliged as I know you'll be inundated but a caricature of Sergio Aragon├ęs done by you would be something special.

Anyway, thanks again for turning up today and all the very best with you and your future endeavors.


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Haha. Of course you have and you nailed it. Just brilliant. Wife's approval on any caricature no doubt a high compliment.