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flamingbabyjesus32 karma

I loved your book! I have ruined several dinner parties by starting arguments about free will.

  1. Anxiety and depression seem to be an epidemic that is ravaging our young people? What changes in policy and health care would you like to see to mitigate this?

  2. How do you feel we can bear incorporate evidence into decision making?

  3. How much Johnathan haidt have you read and do you agree with his ideas around how we are coddling our mind?

flamingbabyjesus1 karma

I’m listening to the book Galileo’s Middle finger right now. I’m curious on your thoughts on the classification scheme (amor en sois en femme sp?) and the homosexual transgender? She talks about it a lot in the book and I have no idea what to think about it. Do you have an opinion?

flamingbabyjesus1 karma

Talking about free will has now become something of a forbidden topic between my wife and I lol. But I just love the resistance people put up to what appears to me to be an inescapable fact

Thanks for answering! It was very exciting