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Couple questions:

Do you know the history of how such methods for preparation were discovered to convert toxic mushrooms to edible ones? For example, the one you mentioned about boiling twice and pickling in salt, is that standard procedure for pickling or was someone just that determined how to make these things edible?

Also, is there a good rule of thumb for what you should do if you think you've poisoned yourself and aren't able to access a hospital immediately like having activated charcoal on hand, or induce vomiting, drink water, etc?

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Considering how bad the government is at spending money and how expensive it is to house the average prisoner, wouldn't public prisons just cause runaway costs?

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I think it's important to view certain things like human rights not only from the aspect of where we want to be but also the current standing of how they are received by different demographics across the world. That being said one might set the stage with some stereotypical views of conservative vs liberal mindsets (each described as how they view each other) as conservatives clinging to tradition and what they view as moral values perhaps at the expense of certain human rights while in contrast liberals are viewed as charging full steam ahead at the expense of reason / morality / impact to society as a whole.

With such a setting (feel free to disagree with anything I've said), what do you feel is the biggest gray area in human rights? Something that perhaps should be met with a middle of the road response like the legal ethics of certain scientific experiments might?