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have you ever heard of zynga going after a company for copying one of their games?

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Not sure if Daniel invited redditor for lunch in order to help his/her career, or if they know each other.

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How can I haggle prices? I went engagement ring shopping with a friend and the prices seem to be largely inflated. The jeweler said they don't make much at all on the diamond, it's usually the financing. Is this true? Is there a certain profit margin that jewelers usually try to work on that I could work with them on?

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is this it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVIye2e8HS0 and is the microphone thing true? lol I expected it to look more...well disney.

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also were you given a severence package? if so did you feel it fair? "departing employee" made it sound like you knew it was coming before i continued to read the letter. did you know you were getting laid off prior to the letter?