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My wife and I have already had this discussion. We both are of the same mindset that if we are in a vegetative state, after a long enough time period given for recovery, and there isn't any chance of waking up to pull the plug and have the doctors salvage whatever organs they can. We won't need them at that point so why not give as many people as we can a second chance at life? My wife is a type O- so she'd DEFINITELY be in demand

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Oh she's a Saint for a lot of things. Putting up with me as her biggest child (at times) is a big one. I readily admit that I am kicking beyond my coverage / punching above my weight with her. She's great though and blames me for having to get a shot in her ass whenever she's been pregnant so that her body doesn't do any nasty things to the baby due to the blood type differences as I'm B+ I believe