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How many days post-op are you?

I also have a J-Pouch. The 6 months with the ostomy suck, but after you make it through all that, better days await. The time between surgery 2 and 3 (about 5 weeks in my case) were the worst.

I did my surgeries in 2003, so I am coming up on 14 years w/o the colon. I live a totally normal lifestyle, eat and drink whatever I want. Go to the gym, run around... the surgery definitely saved my life, and allowed me to go back to being with my friends and family. I cannot express enough gratitude to my surgeon.

From time to time, my surgeon would call me and ask me to come speak with some patients who are considering getting the same procedure. Perhaps you can do the same some day.

Kinda funny, I've been w/o the ostomy for 14 years, but I still have dreams where it leaks, or something disastrous happens, and I wake up and remember that it's all gone.

Keep your head up, UC is rearview, it's all up from here!

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They do it laproscopically

Oh wow, things have gotten better since my surgery in 2003. I have a large 9 inch scar from my pubic bone up around my belly button and towards my stomach. They used this incision for both the 1st and 2nd surgeries.