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Spot on. Structure fires are physically demanding. It's a lot of gear, it's heavy, ands restricting, even simple things like pulling a charged hose line is harder than you'd think.

The sleep deprivation is brutal. It's usually caused by non-emergent medical calls all hours of the night. So you are up running BS medical calls for toe pains or back pain that started in 1982 and after a few years of that you start to get real jaded. (Edit to fix spelling error)

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Is there a limit on bitcoin? What gives it value? Would this become just an inflated currency?

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Same here. It was 25k here for a while. It's gone up a bit. I'm 6 years in this department and I'm maxed out as a fire medic II as far as rank. Now my only pay raise options are maybe a 1% here and there or to make rank.

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It might be different here but it wasn't until I got my paramedic that I got hired. ALS (Advanced life support for the laypeople) is harder to come by. Even fire departments that require all new hires to be ALS have a huge fail rate. So for people in the mid Atlantic region I always tell them go get your paramedic. It's 90+% of the job anyways.