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Obligatory question: What's the one thing in your collection that's made you go "ewwwww".

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You're not crazy sweetie. You're perfectly normal.

Try this gif:


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That's a great question.

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Have you seen the army recruiter scene in the movie Winter's Bone?


It's one of the most humane and heart breaking scenes I've ever seen in a movie.

In it this desperately poor Appalachian girl thinks the army might be the solution to all her problems and she goes to an army recruiter who gently suggests that she face reality.

Apparently the guy who plays the army recruiter is a real army recruiter and ended up with a writing credit on the script because he ad libbed much of his dialogue.

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I'm sorry for the death of your father. Management of pain vs. the risk of hastening death is a decision that has to be balanced every day with terminal patients, unfortunately. As hospicegirl points out pain can hasten death as well. It's a balancing act and the fact is that when someone is close to the end of their life the best option is to at least try to minimise their pain and hope that someone is there holding their hand and stroking their forehead as they go.