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lol, that reminded me of the last time I was in the ER, having a rather bad time with MS... I couldn't really sit up, and every time I tried to do anything, pretty much everything would just spasm uncontrollably... I got asked, probably about 20 times, to get off the gurney and go have a seat about 20 feet away. If I was successfully able to sit up, stand up, and walk 20 feet, I would not have been in the ER in the first place.

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Would you support a bill that would offer Colorado graduates student loan forgiveness in exchange for an increased income tax rate of 3 or 4% of their income (so they'd still pay into the education system over time, but not have the debt burden)?

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<3 I love hooked as a aide to help me understand when I'm being marketed to, but how do you feel about companies misusing habit forming behavior to be more predatory on people with addictive tendencies or other problems?

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As Governor, would you have any ability to make sure public lands stay public and mining/logging/drilling free in the event the federal government decided to shrink Arapaho National Forest or any of our incredible National Parks?

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Do you think constitutional amendment is needed to provide meaningful reform, update, and clarification to the 12th? IDK if it matters, but I'm in Lakewood, used to be in your district, but I moved.