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How does being a priest effect your relationship with your family?

It seems like most of the priests I know ended up in parishes pretty far away from their families and I wonder how much time there is to see eachother and all that.

(My son is still very young but he had said a couple times that he'd like to be a priest - part of me thinks it'd be really great if he is called to the priesthood, but I also worry about not getting to see him much and not having grandkids if he is).

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I don't know if AM does/did this, but almost all dating sites do, especially at the beginning, when they know they have to have a bunch of female profiles in order to attract men.

Some of the skeevier ones will just grab random women's pictures off social media and post them alongside the made-up profiles, sometimes keeping the name & location from the profile they found.

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...and how is it not considered blackmail?

"Pay this or else your spouse/employer may stumble across your account.