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Armored is good experience to put on a resume. My husband made $13/ hour at Garda, but after that he got a job that paid $20/hour and most of what they asked about in the interview was his armored experience.

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My husband had a co-worker who did shit his pants on route. He was the messenger, not the driver. It takes a bit longer to take off the gun belt so you can get your pants down, and his breakfast tacos didn't wait. He washed out his pants and undies in a bathroom sink and kept going. He made the mistake of telling co-workers and everyone made fun of him forever.

Some drivers would piss in a cup if the messenger was taking too long and they had to go.

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Minimum wage where I live is 7.25/hour.

Our cost of living is fairly low here. We've got a house and two kids, and I'm home with the kids, so it's just his income. 13 an hour was doable because he always got more than 40 hours. Garda didn't pay overtime for the first ten hours over 40 (they said their employees were truck drivers, and therefore exempt from OT requirements) but they paid time and a half after that. He usually got about 55 hours a week. Now he's making $23 an hour with almost no overtime available, but the health insurance is great, which helps because one of the kids and myself have a chronic illness that can be really expensive to treat. The job he's got now is clean and safe compared to armored and he doesn't come home exhausted, bruised, smelly and angry like he used to. It's strange when we see one of his old coworkers from Garda and they look tired and raggedy and we realize my husband used to look like that all the time too.

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You shouldn't be telling people about solo trucks. You may not work there anymore, but you probably have friends who do, and you're making their job more dangerous.