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To what extent do you credit being born an attractive man assist in being an attractive woman post surgery?

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Given the history of misuse surrounding the concept of “natural law” are you sure that’s how you would want to represent this current action? Slavery, for example, was defended using “natural law” for centuries even after Thomas Acquinas opined against this in the mid 13th century as Pius IX supported slavery in the 1860s.

Edit: since some seem to be confused many of the recent anti-LGBT+ laws proposed in the USA have had their proponents citing the concept if natural law. I am hoping that /u/bishopbarron could clarify exactly what he means as referring to natural law in this context is curious.

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Suspected terrorists. It is worth remembering that some innocent people were in Gitmo

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A better question would be how a city councilman could affect change in a federal agency.

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Why would a teen party movie talk about the issues? Am I forgetting that part in Porky's where they talked about the Cold War? Was there a talk about the recession in American Pie that I missed?