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I had a buddy work artist check in at 'Roo one year and he came back with a lot of cool stories about how celebs and artists act when a camera isn't on them or about things you don't notice about artists (he said Eminem was playing Angry Birds all during check in). You have any 'behind the scenes' stories?

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I've read that a potential method for combating expansion of feral cats is the utilization of vasectomies over neutering. If I remember correctly, the former option prevents toms from abandoning their hormone-induced territoriality. Any insight to this? And additionally, do you have a particular opinion regarding how best to combat feral cat expansion in the US?

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Any opinion on the use of more martial control mechanisms in areas where populations are threatening species diversity? Like Hawaii?

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We were taught in undergrad that squirrel was one of the vectors for CJD, interestingly.

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Who are you, and why do I have the sense that you're an epic individual?