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Do we stand a chance?

Texas has water restrictions in place. Everything is crunchy and barren. Water levels in lakes and rivers are plummeting. And the last three record breaking historical highs have happened in the last week.

Does this and can this save us, and what company do I need to send my resume to to make a difference?

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u/tylero056 can you do a follow up to this in 4 months or so and tell us what’s happened since then?

Seems like a lot of folks have come forward with miracle ideas for getting coverage and/or medicine options that you might not have known about. I think it’s safe to say we all want you to live a good full life.

In either case, I hope good things come your way. You’re brave and considerate to give this AMA. I’ll read up on the rest of your comments here!

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How do I track what elections are happening in my state?

For real. We have so many elections and they’re not well advertised for folks without cable tv.

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edit: I was wrong and I feel like an idiot. Tried to help someone; found out I don’t understand elections either. …

I’m just gonna wipe this whole comment 😔