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fetidfeta15 karma

I am a recovering pornography addict, going sober for just over a year now. I'm glad to see that this is being taken more seriously. In your opinion, what is keeping this addiction from being recognized on the same level as, say, AA?

fetidfeta5 karma

Where do you think the reticence to diagnose scientifically from the science/psychology is coming from? Addiction can be loosely diagnosed as follows:

  1. Unmanageability of behaviour
  2. Worsens over time
  3. Tolerance leading to more extreme behaviour/progression to riskier behaviour
  4. Behaviour is mood altering
  5. Addiction continues even when negative consequences experienced.

My question is, is there not enough science to diagnose and recognize this as a pandemic, or are there unscientific reasons holding back the recognition of this addiction?