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This is a very good and well sourced question. As such, I would not expect a reply.

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Sorry, but I get a sense of partisan politics at play with this "Operation Fast & Furious" issue. Considering that you voted 94.7% with the GOP, the same GOP that would not condemn the Bush administration for outing Valerie Plame (for example..there are many), my perception of you is "party before country". This undermines any credibility you could have with accusations against the Obama administration. This is a shame because no administration is perfect. And we need honest, independent politicians to keep our Presidents in line.

On a more positive note, I do agree with your efforts behind the Open Act. So for that, thank you and thank you again for doing this AMA.

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I'd like to vouch for Trapeze. A good friend of mine has been going for many years and has nothing but good things to say. The club is clean, the food is good and the people are great. Or so I've been told...

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I know Trapezeclubs answered, but my friend told me this story... While on the dance floor at Trapeze, a guy was doing his best "male stripper" impersonation. Dude was swinging his jacket and taking off his clothes while gallivanting around the stripper pole. A couple female onlookers were really cheering him on since he was shit faced drunk and looked like a reject from the 70's Dance Fever show. Anyway, one of these laughing females thought he was cute so took it upon herself to go out on the dance floor and give the guy a kiss. By this time dude was down to his bare chest, open trousers and socks.. Out of now where, this other woman goes up to 70's dude, throws a drink in his face and slaps him. Then she storms out of the club in a drunken rage. Not one to pass up these kinds of "special moments", my friend walks over to 70's dude and asks about the angry lady (whilst giving him a high five). Turns out it was his wife and she did not know Trapeze was a "swingers club" until a moment of revelation on the dance floor. 70's dude later said she took off with his wallet and car... He stayed and hooked up with some other woman.

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It would be GLORIOUS.