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It’s topical, ya?

  1. Do you know why the oral formulation isn’t efficacious for PN? Presumably diabetics with PN & comorbidities that this drug treats could just get a Rx & kill 2 birds with one stone (pill) but that’s not the case, right?

  2. Does your lotion/cream/ointment have a similar saftey profile to antimuscarinic agents? If it penetrates the skin effectively to target the nerves then how does it not get into circulation?

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Does your compounding recipe have excipients that help skin penetration? How can it have a local effect but not travel throughout the bloodstream? This is confusing me.

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Since the drug is for nerve regeneration not for pain - It does beg the question; were patients (or mice) in your trials taking concomitant gabapentin or Lyrica?