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"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state..."

It's more complicated when you quote the whole text.

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What are your ideas for climate action, specifically? Do you support a carbon tax? Cap and trade?

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The byproduct is a gas. It's hard to keep a gas contained underground indefinitely. If carbon capture and storage as currently implemented (storage of gaseous CO2 in terrestrial rock) becomes widespread, we could reduce atmospheric carbon. But, we would also have to keep that gas contained forever to avoid warming in the future.

Some new technologies that pump CO2 either into rock layers that react to form a solid mineral or into the deep ocean where it's compressed to a liquid are more promising targets for long-term storage, but the current idea that we can fill old gas and oil fields with gaseous CO2 and expect to contain that for the rest of time is a bad idea.

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Thanks for the answer. Cap and trade worked great for sulfur emissions - just gotta set the price on carbon high enough (which has been a problem in the European and California markets so far).

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Why do you call yourself a conservation biologist and hummingbird biologist when you've never published a scientific article on hummingbirds?