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Thank you for this. As a recently diagnosed (only a month ago) this stuff confuses me.

So, in DSM-V Aspergers falls under ASD. What does that mean for the people who have adjusted so that they only need minor help now?

And now Im curious, how is it a mess?

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My social issues all seem to stem from my (rather severe even for autistic people) sensory processing issues. I cant handle sensory input very well at all, so you can imagine how well social things go. (Which reinforces my social anxiety yay) I also have too much empathy rather than a lack of it, which often leaves me makes me shut down completely because I get overwelmed.

Does your book adress this issue? Do you experience this the same way and if so, any tips?

fem_aspie1 karma

Thanks for the well thought out answer, I really appreciate it!

You make good points, I hadn't considered simply taking a breather for a short while! I will have to try this out. :)

Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavors. I hope you can continue to help a lot of people