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Having a twitter account with nearly 100,000 followers, how do you deal with the no doubt thousands of insufferable idiots you must have tweeting bile at you? Any memorable trolls?

Personally I think you're one of the greatest at the twitter game, long may you continue :)

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A placard of 'down with this sort of thing' appeared at OWS among many other protests. Did you have any other placard ideas you didn't use? Anyway, congrats on immortality for that.

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What terrifies you the most in Astronomy?

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Hi Miguel!

What are your thoughts on the state of xaml currently and its future? I used to do a lot of xaml design work (wpf and silverlight) 2008-2015 or so but nothing really for years. Is there a demand for creative xaml design or is it now really a winforms layout replacement system? Are there any projects these days leveraging the full potential that wpf used to promise? Back in the day it seemed to be aimed at a really rich experience but now you never see Microsoft showing it off any more. Thanks!

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Thanks for this, mega interesting. I helped some internet stranger out with some code last year and he tipped me £100 in bitcoins, when they were about £10/bitcoin. I've not done anything with them, but now I'm seeing news stories everywhere saying they are £30/bitcoin, have I tripled my money? Sell them or keep them? All a bit of a mystery to me!