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Answer this guy, he's asking the same things i was wondering

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How are home health workers with your company paid, as contract workers or as employees? And how much do they earn?

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Why is it so hard to get in? I want to go to therapy in part because I'm feeling really overwhelmed with no work-life balance. I call a bunch of places when I have a break in between patients at work and can't get any to answer. They call back when I'm working. I have been emailing back and forth with one therapist who will send me one or two time slots that don't work, and it's hard to remember to stay on top of the email thread and keep responding back until we find something. One time I got through to a place listed on my insurance website and they didn't take my insurance. Other places have months-long waitlists. I've been trying for months now and still haven't been seen :(

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I've tried psychology today already with no luck but will look at the others you suggested! Thanks! I live in a rural area too so there aren't a ton of options.