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Not illegal to arrive by boat and claim asylum, but lots of people from Sri Lanka and lots of people of middle easter origin. They come to australia from indonesia. As indonesia is not a signatory to the refugee convention, Australia is seen as a better destination. Alas, our two main political parties have resorted to a 'who can be tougher on vulnerable people fleeing wars we helped create' competition to win the redneck/bogan vote.

Edit... jeez, this blew up a bit... if I'd known this comment would have gotten so much attention I'd have not made a quite so off the cuff comment on my way out the door :-) Please keep in mind that this comment was targeted at an American who was wondering what the deal was, its the quick rough ELI5 version and I'm well aware that it's a far more complex situation than what my comment seems to indicate. I do however wish to make my disdain for how both Labor and Liberal have dealt with this issue abundantly clear.

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Hi Richard.

My question:

Did Scott put you up to this?

My other question:

What are your opinions on electoral reform? Specifically abolishing the GVT, proportional representation, and votig thresholds? Thanks.

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not enough people realise just how true this is

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Thanks Nick.

I miss your NBN articles.

a number of questions i was going to ask have already been asked by others, so:

What possible ramifications are you most worried about which could be levied upon yourself (& by whom) as a result of this ama and any new revelations you reveal?