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Why do y'all support fascist dictators efforts to set records for publicity stunts?

Edited to add link https://m.youtube.com/watch?si=Z-bPdY-qkb8PT0ou&v=-9QYu8LtH2E&feature=youtu.be

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The response they gave John Oliver when asked to adjudicate his cake against the leader of Turkmenistan "... unfortunately, because our brand is aligned with kids and families, this record attempt is not one that we will be able to provide an adjudicator for." So I guess I would also like to ask, why dictators are considered more family friendly than LWT.

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I didn't ask about corporations. I asked about ACTUAL dictators that have definitely paid y'all substantial sums of money to get into the book. Nice dodge though. Seems like the PR dept needed to put their heads together for a bit to come up with that smokescreen of an answer.

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I didn't mention banning countries from participating, but nice attempt at deflection. The fascist dictators that lead those countries on the other hand is a different story. Doing anything publicity wise to shine a better light on them IS political and there's no way around that. There are multiple examples in that John Oliver video of human rights violators being given special access to y'alls services, but he was denied an assessor because the bit made y'all look bad. Y'all supposedly have ethics behind your decisions, but that is irrelevant if a prince of Saudi Arabia wants his face in drones, or a brutal murderer likes horses. The book is a joke at this point and the only people who care about it are children who are you naive to know what's going on.

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Not really. Watch the John Oliver piece I posted and you'll understand why I asked this question. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get an answer. skip to the 15min mark to get to where I'm taking about Edit: for clarity