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Those are called fat people.

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Dude, my dad was having pains for about 2 weeks and went to about 10 different doctors (sadly not an understatement) saying he believed he had kidney stones, but all he heard was "You'd be in excruciating pain.", "You wouldn't be walking.", "Who let you back here?!" etc., until one doctor actually ran some tests and, guess what, found the kidney stones.

I no longer remember the relevance of this story, but I'm sure it was awesome.

Also, dad said he understood why people get addicted to morphine. For the time he was on it, that shit was amaaaazing.

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As someone trying to come up, thanks for giving me that extra bit of confidence that TRT/Steroids is bullshit and it can be done naturally and done well.

Fuck the cheaters.

Edit: I don't mean "bullshit" to say that steroids and TRT are ineffective, because they sure as shit aren't, but that using them in a combat sport situation is pretty fuckin cowardly.

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Who the fuck hates kit kats?