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if you ever needed any proof of the ridiculousness of the current state of air travel security, this is it. i mean come on, man. the sax cleared their ridiculous scanners and crap... what's the threat? were you guys gonna cause the plane to crash due to rampant sexual arousal?

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it's a more efficient elevator system. most large buildings in hong kong have three elevators: the one on the left is odd-numbered floors only, and the one on the right is even-numbered, and the one in the center [or the 'fireman's lift'] goes to all floors. some older buildings don't have the fireman's lift though.

source: lived in hk for 9 months.

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in my opinion, the only reason the stories went as far as they did was because someone famous said he did it, and the world just sort of thought, 'well he is kind of a wacky man-child dude...' and stuck the plausible stamp on it รก la mythbusters. it's a shame, imo, because i think the dude was just seriously misunderstood.

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man, i really blew it missing that one. i alto step up my game. clearly the key to improving the internet is more sax puns. this thread alone could use tenor more.

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i can vouch for this law, as this is why i am paid a fairly absurd amount of money for what i do [work in d.c., live in maryland].