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Women that have no advocates or a lack of knowledge prior to going into labor might have a worse outcome while in the hospital, while speaking up for themselves etc.

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OP gives insight further down. Many cases of maternal death additionally happen after the mothers leave the hospital at home (clots, deadly blood pressure, bleeding) while the hospital is not watching anymore. In countries where midwives visit mothers after birth regularly (Sweden, Germany etc. are examples) these cases can be spotted.

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I know the prison system isn't great, but OP just seems weird about it.

Yes, OP uses clear weasel words and passive language à la 'and one thing led to the other' instead of acknowledging that he committed a crime and then did time for that. See his words here:

I [...] have long suffered from anxiety, depression and (until recently) undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. My mental health issues led me into addiction and violence, which led me into this country's horrifically corrupt legal system.

Led to ... led to. Turns out he actually stabbed a guy till his lungs collapsed and only did some months time for that. He is painting himself as the victim of a justice system which, by the way it looks, was soft on him. I don't know what this whole thread/AMA is supposed to be about? It doesn't look like OP is owning up for the hurt and injuries he caused, owning up for any actions he did really. A massive amount of people in modern societies have depression and anxieties and yet don't stab people!

This whole thread looks like a sympathy stroke for a self-centered guy who wants to brag about how little time he did for his actions.

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Ugh, Riven was my jam. One of my first PC games back then after Anno 1603.