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Thanks for doing this AMA. I've recently graduated, only have a few minor publications, and there's not enough time for me to get more published before fall applications are due. Which would look better to a job search committee: having a book prospectus based on my dissertation under review at a big name publisher or having a few articles under review at top journals in my field?

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Something not covered in your awesome blog: As a grad student I taught six courses as a solo instructor and have around 24 pages of student evaluations which include comments from students (all pretty good).

When an application calls for evidence of teaching excellence, should I send all 24 pages and my one page teaching statement or is that too much? If I include sample syllabi, my teaching portfolio could easily be more than 30 pages all together. Would it be better to select a few of the best evaluations and include a graph or some other visual representation of scores from my other evaluations?

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Thanks, I just bought the book and will check it out!