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You guys also did a lot of pre-production planning! A vertical spreadsheet-script blocked out the shots/narration which I thought was quite clever.

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I don't think we've had any maaajor freebooting incidents since the slow-motion tattoo thing (though I'm sure smaller ones are happening all the time). I've been doing my part by not participating in giving views, which is more passive than Destin's suggestion but calling out every radio station page can be exhausting.

I've been using a chrome extension called Facebook Purity (it's AWESOME) which allows me to automatically remove all kinds of things I don't want to see from facebook, so I simply do not see any of the videos that are being freebooted and therefore cannot contribute to views. I have more or less culled my FB to nothing but original content and updates from friends.

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They've mentioned in the past that they all beat it on their first try. It's a broken game.

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Not this time due to time restrictions. I received stems for one track and split them into rhythmic and non-rhythmic sections (one video would get rhythmic and another would get non-rhythmic, so they'd complement each other) and composed and separated another looping track specifically to be lenient with sync.

Audio for Smarter Every Day is pretty fast and loose, and a perfect audio edit/mix actually doesn't suit the run & gun aesthetic of the channel so I usually provide Destin with the necessary audio and let him cut it in. Then rag on him when he forgets to fade his regions.

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That is so awesome. Thanks. I think it means more when fans do it than the creators, as ironic as it may be.