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My current chemistry professor worked with Glenn T. Seaborg for his masters degree. He told us the story about how he founded plutonium and why he named it the way he did. Does your grandmother have any knowledge of ever speaking to Dr. Seaborg? If so, how was he in person, interesting, fun to talk to? Also, what happened the day he found plutonium, can she describe what the atmosphere was like when that discovery was made? TL;DR Any good stories of Glenn T. Seaborg?

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I know you've already stated that you haven't worked with vibrators yet, but have you heard of the new ones that vibrate to the intensity of the music you're listening too? If so, have you heard good things about them?

Also, not in a number sense, but in a general sense, do a lot of Americans use sex toys, whether it be male or female? I still feel as if it is taboo in the U.S. to masturbate, ESPECIALLY with a sex toy.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate the time you are taking to do this AMA!