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One of the key lessons we are learning is that it is critical to rewrite your life story. There are moments like the one you are describing where it is more likely necessary to seek a therapist. Continue to affirm his ability to be a great father and praise in those areas. However at the same time being able to explore his past can help him in moving forward with his future.

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Start your conversation with young fathers by asking what kind of father they would like to be and what are the obstacles that are preventing them to do so. Once you establish that dialog, you can put in place a good plan to help them remain involved with their children.

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I know so many dads who are dealing with similar circumstances. As my first daughter became older and we faced the same thing, I learned that I could not come into her life attempting to “fix” her. To be honest, I did not have the right, even though I was her father. Remember, our children don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Let your first step to re-establishing your relationship be letting him know how much you care. Be patient!!!! Let him bring the conversation to you, don’t force it. Over time he will have both a level of trust and desire for you to be “DAD”.

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I think we often forget that there is our truth, our dad’s truth and “the” truth. The truth is, we all have issues that need to be resolved. I too, struggled with the same issue with my first child. However, I got it right with the next 4. For as well as I believe I did, to this day I still harbor a level of guilt for what I did not provide for my first child. Forgiveness is what helped me! Forgiveness of our fathers and forgiveness of ourselves are necessary for the journey to move forward.

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Compassion and understanding are the biggest tools for Moms to use in becoming involved with Dads and assisting them to be the best parents they desire. Moms are great supporters, however mutual respect, agreement and understanding for established roles are key.