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did they give you a warning height... meaning come into the ER right away if you grow to be 6'5 because they only gave you enough tubing for if you grew to be 6'6?

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can you explain why wearing native inspired clothing is offensive/annoying? im pakistani and it doesnt really bother me or anyone else that i know thats south asian if someone wears henna, churian (bangles) or eats butter chicken or tandoori chicken. if anything i feel glad that my culture is being absorbed and people are interested in it.

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and if he tells you to get to the chopper, you damn well better get to the chopper.

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i cannot find the link but i'll try to explain it.

speaking a different language and not being able to hear are two different things. yes, the deaf community may have learned to live with it within their community, but in the end of the day, they are missing a part of the human capability. i dont understand why the deaf community would be against someone trying to gain some of that capability back.

yes you can communicate within your own community but is that really enough for you to want to avoid getting cochlear implants? there is this movie called 'sympathy for mr vengeance'. im gonna give a few spoilers so if you dont want to know, dont read. its about a deaf person who kidnaps a child. in the end before they are about to make the switch for the money, the deaf person has their back turned and is a little far away from the child he kidnapped. they are by a lake and so the boy falls in the lake. the child is kicking and screaming and calling for help but the deaf person obv cant hear. and so the kid drowns to death.

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I have a friend who is a nurse and she once told me something we call the stoma story.

She once had a gay couple come in that experimented with whip cream and got an infection. They installed a stoma and sent them on their way. A week or two later they returned. Only this time, they experimented with the stoma.