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Hey Pat, thanks for doing this. My question: have you read Jo Walton's incredibly detailed re-read of your first 2 novels over on Tor.com? And if so, is there anything there that surprised you - something they got completely wrong, or something you didn't think they'd figure out, and so on?

Edit: just read the post linked below, so I know the answer to the first question... but I'm still curious about the others. Thanks!

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Hey Cory, thanks for doing this AMA!

My questions:

  1. For the Win showed that you have some familiarity with MMORPG's. Have you played or do you still play any yourself? Or any other games?

  2. Loved the character 26 in Pirate Cinema, but it drove me as nuts as Trent that we never found out her real name. Any chance you'll share it here, or in a future story about her?

  3. How did you get involved with the Humble eBook Bundle, and have you read any of the other excellent authors in the bundle?

(Stefan who has reviewed a few of your books on Tor.com in the past - and who is bummed you didn't make it down to the San Diego Mysterious Galaxy on your current tour. Would have loved to meet you!)