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Hi Scott. As a transgender man myself this is an amazing thing to see. I see absolutely no representation and for most of my life, did not know it was possible to be FTM. I knew MTF women existed because they had a slightly larger media profile (only slightly though).

You have no many how many confused young trans boys will see you and feel lile their feelings exist and are valid in this world. I know I would have been different had it been that way for me.

I want to become an actor myself and just got accepted into a drama course in Trinity College Dublin. Did your interest in acting form due to your being trans, because for me, it did. When I was younger I would always attach to playing male characters and I'd feel such great joy from that. However acting got me into Shakespeare, a huge passion of mine, and now I can't get enough!

Also- I know you've done some work with TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland), namely a dude named Ben. Do you remember him? He's a friend of mine. It's awesome that you've connected with my little country- what drew you to here?

Thanks for doing this AMA! Big fan. -Nathan.

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FTM- Fantastic Thespian Man at your service bows

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I know about 100 trans guys under 30 due to support groups in Ireland and I have not met one who was sexist/anti-feminist D:

This is the first time I've ever heard this D: