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Ahh the old Macaulay switcheroo...

Edit: thanks for the gold, moderate spender!

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LOL I love Bernie, but this was some serious pandering. It's like he asked Easy E this quesion and he was like, "It was Gangsta Gangsta at the top of the list, then I played my own shit and it went something like this..."

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Edit: So fuck ya'll, all ya'll. if you don't like me, blow me.

That's how I would have ended that. ;)

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I'll split the difference between you two and say that both killer sky robots and banks being above the law are a sign of a corrupt Corporatist government. :)

EDIT: The consensus here seems to be that we use the Drones to kill the bankers. I'm OK with this.

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The number of babies born has already peaked which will help limit the maximum population size.

Woah. Citation requested?