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Why do you think the Harper government was so resistant to really investigating this issue? If this many women had disappeared from the street of Toronto, I doubt the same resistance would happen.

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I wake 250+ times an hour

Sleep tech here (who score sleep studies). I had doubts of that number... then I did the calculations. Apparently, you are at the physiological limit (i.e. you physically can't have more, because your events are as short as possible). I am truly impressed by that number.

Is that number only the amount of times you wake up or also your apnea/hypopnea index too? The most I've ever seen was 150 events/hour.

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But they don't make money on Chrome (it is a free download). They make money on Ads. Chrome for them is a tracking tool (basically), not a money maker. So if they have firefox using their search engine that good for them still.

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no some do lol.

what is it that they did that made them so good?

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to highjack the questions a bit: I'm a sleep tech who scores the sleep studies (usually the techs score them, and the doctors do the intepretations of them). So I look at drugs all the time. Answering that question for any physician or lab would be really hard. Mostly because it depends on many factors. Specifically, who is referring the patients, patient population (i.e demographics). But mostly, there's not usually a big data base where one goes and counts those things. My personal experience though.... a lot of patient in a lot of clinics do have antidepressants.

At my clinic, those patients are usually seen by the Psychiatrist Sleep physicians.