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As a Canadian, I’m fine with this. We are also snow Indians and snow Iranians and snow Chinese... even though I’m pretty sure China has its own snow.

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Do you grow other foods for yourself in the farm or just the coffee?

Is this kind of a retirement fun thing for you guys, or an active and goal-oriented moneymaking thing?

Do you sell your coffee as a single sourced bean product or is it combined with other farms' beans for sale?

I haven't looked at the website yet, not sure if it might answer that last question...

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I think the comment was suggesting it temporarily to figure out if food allergens might be the cause... they weren’t suggesting it as a regular diet.

It seems that plants are more likely to be allergens than meats are, so it sounds like a reasonable approach to me. But I’m also not a doctor and don’t know if it would be a good strategy for OP.

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And why I won't move to the US.

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Any connection to the UNIVRS VR lounge in Vancouver?