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Also, what was the weirdest / creepiest / scary / risky situation you've stumbled on while you walked?

If you were to describe your experience with one song, what would it be?

Finally, have you ever been to Europe? Or if not, how would you compare walking in NY with..well different places.

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Hah, thanks for answering, somehow I knew you'll pick that one.

Great stuff, went through some of your photos on the webpage and I don't know, they're just different - in a positive way. I'm kinda hypnotized, ended up scrolling several pages and reading their comments.

I know what you mean about the whole paying attention thing, me and my girlfriend when travelling around Europe try to walk as much as possible and actually enjoy the stuff - damn, I wouldn't switch all the stuff we saw for a bus ride in a lifetime! We also did 320 km walk through Portugal & Spain countryside and it was really marvellous.

Thanks for the stuff. keep up the good ...walk :D

cheers from PL