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Are you one of the warehouse employees amazon is now paying to be brand ambassadors?

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Absolutely. Touchdowns are a team effort, not an individual one. The guy who made the crucial block to allow another player into the end-zone deserves to celebrate just as much.

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I would have, but they were all gone by the time we actually hit the games. My group ended up giving me all the tickets and I got an Angry Bird plush. It's actually sitting on my desk right now. I throw it at things from time to time.

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I went to Chuck E Cheese for my 30th birthday. No kids. Just me an about 10 or 12 friends. My way of refusing to grow old. It was awkward and ridiculous at first, but eventually the staff got into it and we had a lot of fun. We were there later in the evening, so by about 8pm all the kids had cleared out and we had a blast.

How often do you have parties like mine, and how does the staff feel about it? Nice change of pace or just weird and creepy?

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Based on the description I would rather not have that confirmed