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How has political speechwriting adapted to the need for soundbites in the modern media and social media landscape? Very few speeches are listened to in their entirety by the majority of the audience these days, but isn't every speech vulnerable to being cut up into pull quotes to the point where the message is lost?

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Oh, could I ask a second question, this one about your book? I'm a big history nerd, and I wondered if you had any insight into Apollonius Molon. Both Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Tullius Cicero travelled to Rhodes to study rhetoric from him. How did he become such a famous orator that two of the soon-to-be-most-famous Romans of all time went to learn from him? What was he doing in Rhodes for a living that would make him a world famous public speaker? Why wasn't he giving speeches (and public speaking classes) in Rome or Alexandria? Do we know anything about why he was so well regarded beyond his two most famous pupils?