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I'm watching it now and agree, but I'm going to play devil's advocate.

He says people don't want to share their email password, therefore they care about their privacy. But the point is people don't want their emails to be public, but they aren't afraid of the government looking, because the government is looking to stop crimes, not post your emails on a public forum. I don't want people I know to see what kind of things I search for, but if the FBI knows, so what?

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He made this comment below: I'm not a scientist. I don't write for academic journals. I'm a journalist who uses ideas and findings from scientists to try and get people to look at the world a little differently.

I think maybe your grudge is with the way people look at him and not the work itself.

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There's always some negative bitter comment like this on top and people blaming the person for not answering. Reddit always feels the need to find the one negative thing and make sure that everybody knows about it. It reminds me of myself when I had low self-esteem and needed to shit on popular things to make myself feel better.

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I just found out about Detroit style pizza. Any specific pizza spots I should check out next time in there?