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Thank you. I’m always concerned about model fidelity. I’ve had clients insist they want to start working on processing trauma in the first stage of treatment and I’ve always explained that it’s not ideal until they are more equipped (for lack of a better word) to cope with the intensity of that work. Then I also struggle with wanting to be client centred and give them what they are asking for. I will check out that reference.

Edit: why am I being downvoted? Please let me know, genuinely curious and would love to hear from the users downvoting me.

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I’m a clinician. In individual DBT, is it possible to complete trauma processing (emotional experiencing) parallel to stage 1 behaviour control/stabilization? Thanks.

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Great question and disappointed it was not addressed.

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I’m a therapist and would be interested in what others think, but I would recommend working with someone with a more psychodynamic approach for the concern you outlined above. I guess you can also address the guilt you mentioned through some cognitive restructuring in CBT. Or it could be quite healing to do family therapy with your parents? Have you ever considered this?

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You could learn the skills (which would have been covered in group) by reviewing and completing a DBT skills workbook on your own. There are some on amazon, I think there’s one by Linehan (the creator of DBT). Good luck!