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I was a victim of CSA as a part of the Catholic Church. I attended catholic school until 7th grade, reporting to my parents the abuse I was enduring. My mother vehemently told me I was a liar, to the point where I split on what was occurring and began believing that this was not happening to me. They didn’t pull me out until I attempted suicide and the SCHOOL had a meeting to explain that I was not wanted there.

I continued to see this man through out my life, as my parents remained adamant friends with him, inviting him to our home on many occasions. It was important on both the churches end and my parents end to keep this under wraps. I’m not sure if it was the spell of the church and the social pull that kept them so willing to jump to it’s defense. Probably both.

I married at a very young age in order to get out of their home. To my surprise, this man was invited to our wedding. Even given platform for a speech and blessings.

I want to thank you for your support in being a part of bringing these issues to light.

Have you seen, throughout this case, other instances of the children’s parents or family being unsupportive of them coming forward? I’ve always wondered how much of the secrecy was made worse by their own parent’s brainwashing. Are there those who have remained faithful throughout the process?

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Thank you, friend. I was adopted, to boot. These people went as far as to adopt a child in order to look good and they always made sure I knew to heed their charity and how much they paid to “have me”. They failed to protect me at every step of the way and even contributed to abuse at their hands as well.

They “got me” through catholic social services. An adoption agency that has its own slew of misdeeds. One of the many facets of the Catholic Church full of corruption. I had my identity erased by them. When I finally met my birth parents, they uncovered all the lies that the adoption agency used on my paperwork. They even lied about my partly Jewish ancestry to get me adopted by a catholic couple. I feel robbed in so many ways by the Catholic Church. But I digress...

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I feel that anger a lot some days. Others it doesn’t feel real. I have a great life now. Sometimes I stop and think “all that stuff really happened” and it feels overwhelming. I never feel truly at ease. It comes back to haunt me at random times. Thankfully I have an excellent therapist who’s been key in overcoming my traumas. She helped me untangle myself and cut off contact with my adoptive parents who still are adamant that they did nothing wrong. I feel freer than I ever have. It’s something I needed to do for a long time.

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Oh gosh, that documentary hit home in a lot of ways. It was so unimaginable the length that man went to to further his disgusting plan. It’s wild how people can get sucked into and manipulated by a monster like that.

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It was more important to them to present as upstanding members of the church then it was to protect their child. They cared a LOT about presentation.