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I have been working for a while for giant tech companies. Today's cutting edge technology is led by these companies. I started having ideas how state of the art tech can benefit people with disabilities. The problem is that giant companies do not address niche groups for reason of focus. They something do it for reasons of PR but usually don't bring such ideas to full production.

On the other hand if small companies raise money in order to address the needs for niche groups such as the visually impaired community the products will be very expensive due to the small market.

So I got the idea I might start working on such solutions volunterally. What I try to do is the best I can distributed for free, meaning I cannot use any cloud services for example.

I started working with the visually impaired community knowing very little about all the different kinds of problems people face and even less on how people perform day to day tasks.

Since then I found the positive feedback extremely rewarding.

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The coding I do myself usually late at night. I am a members of a google group of visually impaired people named ANTAD. I spin my ideas there, ask for suggestions and ask for the new features to be tested and get feedback.

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It's such a general question I don't know how to answer. You might want to colaborate with some coder there is no shortage in those. You can also learn app development online but not everyone is good with those things.

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Oh wow, what an interesting question. It never crossed my mind... I suppose it differs very much by the age. I think for very small children it should be things with a lot of touch and sound feedback. For the older ones I just don't know. I think I saw once a video game made especially for the blind, it was an adventure game that was only audio but I never encountered another.

It is quite sad, never thought about it.

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I didn't hear about it. I took a quick look, looks very serious. Accessibility it a very complex issue one of those things no one gets to. I am trying to contact Google now. They released an amazing app called Google Lens. It can give blind people great value but the app is not compatible with the accessibility settings. It's very annoying. Hope I will be able to reach someone there and have it fixed.