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That drove me so crazy. They mentioned it in passing, "Oh, Siggy 2 is dead," and Bjorn was like "meh." We got to see the way Bjorn grew up. That didn't seem characteristic of him.

I wondered if the baby momma character's actress quit or if she was a pain in the ass to work with. Still seems to me they could have recast her.

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Joey Bag of Donuts all day!

I'm in Northwest Florida and we just had a chipotle open about 45 minutes from where I live. What do you recommend?

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We do. One of our favorite things to do is to drive around in it while the sun is setting. It costs a little more but is well worth it for us.

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Yes! We stay there every time we go, which is about once a year. We really like having a kitchen, and it's so peaceful.

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Fort Wilderness! My family and I will be staying there in September. Any chance I may see you around?