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My Pleasure!
Quite a few things actually! I am not a big fan of flies that lay a larva under your skin for example.
Other ones would be:
Drug traffickers, Pirates (yes on the Amazon river), illegal gold miners, having to cross rivers in very remote areas which still have large black caimans, walking in to a wasp nest just to name a few.

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Almost all of the deforestation is done at the edges of Amazon in areas we don't frequent often. I wouldn't be able to really give an accurate answer to that. What I do remember when a few years back when the media mentioned that the Amazon was burning that I never noticed this personally but again we dont go much to the edges of the Amazon.

It probably is up by a bit but I'm not sure by how much and personally haven't seen a difference.

What I have noticed however is that the problem with Illegal gold miners is getting worse and worse. The current government seems to do very little about it.

Its especially a big issue in the north in Yanomami territory where the illegal gold miners kill the Yanomami for their land, poison their waters and spread diseases intentionally like it's still the year 1700. Its heart breaking and now some of the last uncontacted tribes are even getting attacked.

We were on a mission last year May in the north of Brazil near the border of Venezuela when 15 boats full of armed miners opened fire on a Yanomami village. In the panic a 2 and 5 year old Yanomami girl ran in to the river and drowned.

Very little attention is given to this worldwide and its just really sad.

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Haha great question. Honestly have never watched too many shows of his but he was SAS Special forces so that does say a lot.

Some of what they show might be a bit off but that probably more has to do with TV/show business then with him directly. For example I know form some of my coworkers who were part of the crew for other TV survival programs where the filming team would put a snake on the path of the survivor in advance without the survivor being aware of this. So the reaction of the survivor was authentic but the snake did not get there by chance.

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Probably when a very large Anaconda tried to get in our boat at night. It was spooky. One of our indigenous guides recognized its sounds as it was under our boat. Up to that point I didn't even realize they make any noises.

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I actually was once contacted to lead an expedition for a TV program for this purpose but unfortunately the person in charge of the emails at that time never forwarded me the request....

We have discovered during one of our recces an uncontacted indigenous community before (we did not make contact).