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exohuman250 karma

As a prospective physicist and fan of comedy I dislike BBT.

To me it feels like a ultra stereotypical 80s/90s comedy wrapped in a veneer of geekdom. Even though I get most of the more obscure physics in jokes and references, I am disappointed the structure of the show is so "old school" especially in light of shows like AD and Curb. Honestly, I sort of feel like something I love is being trivialized and exploited in a very unoriginal way.

I noticed you said that BBT is intentionally traditional, why?

It seems like the show is not really intended for members of the culture it attempts to portrait because in some ways it is "lowest common denominator." It seems like most geeks tend to like more edgy comedy, hence the aforementioned AD love.

No offense intended I'm just curious as to the ethos of BBT. I respect your work and am sure you are much more creative than I could ever be.