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Do you believe that the Trump administration is doing any real long-term damage to the global standing of the United States?

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6 years on Reddit, no comments, and only this post, really Molly? Do you not use Reddit at all, are you a serious lurker, or is this just a play for massive karma?

In all seriousness, I love you guys, and I’m glad to see you here!

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Thank you for your reply, Kai!

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What is the likelihood of an eruption that would wipe out the entire island?

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Hi Robbie, How is working with Steve Albini, and how is he different from working with other producers? I've read that he considers himself an "engineer," and not a "producer," and I'm curious as to how you believe this helps/hurts a recording session. I like the idea that he is basically trying to create a record of what the band he is recording sounds like, without putting his own fingerprints on their music. Thank you for all your amazing music, and you're incomparable Monday nights at the Hideout! I'll take my answer off the air. edit: werds