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The cream pie close-up is a staple.

The shot I could really do without is the male talent making his "o" face.

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My man with the OPSEC.

I like it.

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Good shit.

Making fun of that dumb blue camouflage and making the same gay jokes about sailors that we make make about ourselves is what keeps us feeling better about being soldiers rather than sailors.

Honestly I think all of us do really cool shit, just different shit. Y'all are outstanding as far as I'm concerned. Go save those lives!

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analyze your data

You naughty boy...

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That's fucking awesome.

I'm a soldier at JBLM and am with a battalion about to do a deployment to East Asia ("Pathways"); my brigade sends units every year and this next FY mine got the nod. I think it's awesome that we do these exercises. It's winning hearts and minds before the shit really hits the fan and we're trying to ruck uphill in a fuckstorm of infected smegma.

Question: are these ships on call 24/7 or are there "seasons" and/or times when you can predictably conduct joint training exercises with foreign forces without much fear of a disaster where your support would be valuable?